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Dear Muse…

If I loved you
I’d never say ‘I love you’
Instead I’d write you a thousand poems
And a hundred letters,
Only to never send them to you.

If I loved you,
I’d plant your favourite flowers in my garden,
Tend to them every day
And every time a flower would bloom
I’d think about you.

If I loved you,
I’d wear your initials in a chain around my neck,
Your name dangling close to my chest
And every time I’d think of you
I’d hold your name tightly in my hand.

If I loved you,
I’d wish you at midnight on your birthdays,
And knowing well if I sent you any flowers
You’d throw them away
But I’d send you flowers anyway.

If I loved you,
I’d wish for your happiness on a shooting star
Rather than wishing you were mine.
I’d pray for your safekeeping
More than I’d pray for mine.

If I loved you,
I’d pretend that I didn’t
Because I’d love you in silence.
And if I loved you
I’d write you a poem every week
For all the weeks I’ve loved you…

It is advised to read the poems in order of publication.

Part 1 – The Ascent

Week 1 (08/10/22) – Sapphire

Week 2 (15/10/22) – Your Face

Week 3 (22/10/22) – Your Name

Week 4 (29/10/22) – Poets

Week 5 (05/11/22) – Midas Touch 🅴

Week 6 (12/11/22) – All the Lovers

Week 7 (19/11/22) – An Ocean Between Us

Week 8 (27/11/22) – November

Week 9 (03/12/22) – Muse 🅴

Week 10 (11/12/22) – Your Childhood 🅴

Week 11 (19/12/22) – A Dream About Stargazing

Week 12 (26/12/22) – Why I Write About You

Week 13 (01/01/23) – New Year’s Eve 🅴

Week 14 (08/01/23) – O! What A Glorious Feeling

Week 15 (14/01/23) – Her 🅴

Week 16 (22/01/23) – What I Cannot Say 🅴

Week 17 (28/01/23) – 17